Just because...

The 22-year-old African-American poet and activist Amanda Gorman has become THE star with the presentation of  her poem "The Hill We Climb" at President Biden´s inauguration speech. Her poems often deal with oppression, racism, feminism and many more topics. Thanks to her performance many people have become interested in poetry again.    

Students from our school have known the power of language for a long time.  The folllowing beautiful poems all entitled "Just because" were written in connection with our topic "literature and teens" in class 11.
They show very eloquently how many of us know the feeling of  getting judged by people who know nothing or very little about us.
Please enjoy these precious small gems as much as I enjoyed them.
Marianne Claußen-Lange



Just because...

                                              ... I have black hair              ... I'm a girl1                          ... I'm a girl2


             ... I'm quiet                   ... I'm thin                               ... I'm a girl with blonde hair


          ... I am a muslim                                 ... I like goth                                   ... I live in Gaarden                 


                            ... I live in Mettenhof                                              ... I am a teenage girl