Experiencing global challenges

A few weeks ago, we interrupted our usual English lessons to participate in a workshop on climate change run by Mr. Okkiemute Onoyiwe from Nigeria, who works for the state project Bündnis eine Welt.

We sat together and talked about the world’s most urgent global problems - about causes and consequences, about our favourite countries and most special places in the world. We spent some minutes in silence imagining how it would feel to lose them due to conditions like poverty, natural disasters or rising sea levels, as so many people do every day.
Afterwards an activity in which we had to decide how to divide up global wealth, resources and energy consumption among the world population made us aware of how unequal und unfair in fact the distribution is.
We finished our lesson by performing a group role play, in which we all acted as different people with different backgrounds, problems and opinions - from homeless people and refugees to rich advocates of atomic energy we covered a wide social spectrum. Soon we realized how hard it was, to find a common ground or solutions in our discussion with each other due to many different and often conflicting interests.

All those activities gave us a creative and empathetic way of approaching modern global problems that can often seem intangible or enormous. For most of us, it was a great chance to really empathize with the people that suffer from the consequences of our modern lifestyle. A chance to try to understand how it feels to be poor, to be deprived of your rights or to lose your special place.


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